We know, this is why you're here! We've brought in some of the most influential photographers and the most open and sharing educators in our industry to come together with you all for four days of awesome. We put a huge value in the fact that we are all passionate about different things and that's how we've modeled our classes. Our speakers will each be digging into what they love and what they rock at. We want to cover things fully and make sure that you know what we do, how we do it, and why we do it. Don't worry, we aren't big shots and we aren't here keep secrets.




Posing + Directing // Social Media // Working with Models // Editing + Consistency // Working with Couples // Branding // Business // Photographic Style // Proper High Five Technique // Getting Published //and way more.

Above are just a few of the topics that will be covered in classes at Heck Yeah Photo Camp!





We believe in the importance of learning through example and learning through practice. We'll have two afternoons of shoots. The first will be Live Shoots (instruction only) as you watch a few of our speakers walk you through our process on a shoot (posing, light, composition, etc) and the second will be the Styled Shoots which are all about putting what you've learned into practice.

During the Styled Shoots there will be 8+ different shoots going on (some will be real couples and some will be styled models), and you'll be able to rotate through all of them. That means instead of just getting one or two different looks, you get a ton of variety in images, techniques, and education. Boom!



Whether it's a question about technique, business, branding, getting published, the meaning of existence, or even just validation that you're doing something right, we're here for you. We'll be having an open Q + A session with all of our speakers so you can ask anything you'd like, or just come to soak in the answers to other's questions. We won't hold back any secrets, and no questions are off limits. Successes, struggles, the last time ate food off of the ground past the 5 second rule, etc. We're open books.



Inspiration + Community

Sure, the truth is that you're probably coming for the education. We understand, it's the most tangible thing but we want to encourage you to think beyond that. Education isn't the only thing that pushes your business and creativity forward. Heck Yeah Photo Camp will load you with a bonkers amount of brain power but we also want you to leave inspired, creatively refreshed, and as a part of a new community of photographers whose goal isn't only to improve individually, but to encourage each other along and push the photo community forward as a whole. We're all in this together, let's be freaking incredible.