Okay, so you know those massive conferences with a bajillion speakers teaching a bajillion classes at the same time and you have to chose which ones you'll see while you miss out on so many others? This is the opposite. We've brought in some of the best photographers and educators in our industry and we want you to be able to learn from every single one of them. HECK YEAH PHOTO CAMP will run more like a workshop than a conference. Instead of having to pick and chose only a few classes, there will only be one class going on at a time so you can soak in every bit of education there is. You're welcome.

What will we learn?

Posing + Directing // Social Media // Working with Models // Editing + Consistency // Working with Couples // Branding // Business // Styled Shoots // Photographic Style // Proper High Five Technique // Getting Published // and way more.

We put a huge value in the fact that we are all passionate about different things and that's how we've modeled our classes. Our speakers will each be digging into what they love and what they rock at. For some it might be the editing and processing side of things while others might be going deep into the posing and directing side. We'll also be having open Q+A time, styled shoots, and a panel. The topics mentioned above are just a few of the things we'll be covering but don't worry, we have a whole bunch of awesome up our sleeves. Check out the "LEARN" page to hear more about our education!


There better be some rad STYLED shoots.

That's not a question. Not even a little bit. But if it was, the answer would be HELL YES there will be styled shoots!

We believe in the importance of learning through example and learning through practice. We'll have two afternoons of shoots. The first will be Live Shoots (instruction only) as you watch a few of our speakers walk you through our process on a shoot (posing, light, composition, etc) and the second will be the Styled Shoots which are all about putting what you've learned into practice.

During the Styled Shoots there will be 8+ different shoots going on (some will be real couples and some will be styled models), and you'll be able to rotate through all of them. That means instead of just getting one or two different looks, you get a ton of variety in images, techniques, and education. Boom!


Are you the best photographer around? Do you have 30 million followers on Instagram? Do you own a tiger? That's cool and all, but we don't care. We aren't about egos. Do you want to learn? Do you want to become a more creative artist? Do you want to be inspired, refreshed, and high-fived? That's what we care about. Whether you've been in business for centuries or just like creating for the sake of creating, you'll be welcomed in to the Heck Yeah family. We take education pretty seriously but we take not taking things seriously even more seriously.



WHAT's included? what's the lodging like?

While you're here, we will be sharing meals, simple lodging, knowledge and high fives. You'll be completely taken care of!

The rooms are simple but comfortable. Imagine grandma's house but with fewer butterscotch candies. You'll share your room/bathroom with a few new friends (up to 6) of the same gender or you can make roommate requests if you know who you'd like to stay with!

WHAT will the weather be like?

Warmer than the devil's butt cheeks, but that means it's perfect for pool time, short shorts, ice cream trucks and summer vibes.

Joshua Tree in the summer means 70 degree mornings/afternoons/nights and dry heat (90's) in the middle of the day. During the hotter parts of the day, we'll be in classes inside and then we'll be outside to enjoy the weather when it cools down!


You can walk if you'd like but we suggest a car or plane instead. The best airports to fly into are LAX, Palm Springs, or Ontario and from there you can drive or carpool to Joshua Tree! Once you book your spot we will invite you into the Facebook group where you can arrange carpools with other attendees if you don't want to drive out alone.



How much is it, and are payment plans available?

$1,000,000 per person. I know, it seems like a lot but food is included.

Just kidding, on the "JOIN US!" page you can book your spot with a full ticket ($1350) or a payment plan ($675 now, $675 by June 1st). Tickets are transferable if transferred by June 1st but they are non-refundable.